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3 times when single parents can relocate with a child

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Firm News, Relocation |

Maybe you received an excellent job offer from a new employer 300 miles away. Maybe you want to move to a new state to be closer to your family members who can help you raise your child. If the other parent of your child doesn’t agree with the move, it’s possible you’ll be out of luck.

In fact, many parents are forced to remain in one location because their exes refuse to allow them to relocate to a new place for a better life and opportunity. However, even if your child custody agreement has clear restrictions and requirements that necessitate approval from the other parent when you want to move with your child, there are some circumstances when a court will approve your request:

Moving closer to your family members

Courts might approve of a request to move if the reasons involve moving closer to family members who could serve an important role in the life of your child. For example, perhaps your mother, father, brother or sister can help care for your child while you’re at work during the day — and this way, your child doesn’t have to spend the majority of his or her time in day care anymore.

Moving promises a dramatically improved quality of life and new life opportunities for your child

If you have a job offer on the table in a new location that will pay you a great deal more money, offer you the ability to have a better home and give your child better educational opportunities, the court may approve of the move.

Your child can still visit with the other parent

Courts will not want to cut your child off from regular visitation with the other parent, so if your move does not interfere with regular visitation, there’s a higher chance of court approval.

If you want to move away with your child to a new location as a single parent, consider checking with a qualified family law attorney at our law firm who can advise you of your legal rights and options.