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Did your relationship sour because of a lack of intimacy?

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Elderly Divorce, Firm News |

Marriages end in divorce for an infinite number of reasons and it’s usually impossible to precisely put your finger on the exact cause of a particular divorce. That being said, marriages often follow a slow period of decline that progresses from unresolved conflicts to emotional disengagement to decreasing levels of affection to a complete cessation of intimate, sexual contact.

Although many couples are content to be “sexless,” a decline in sexual interaction is often indicative that emotional disengagement has progressed to the point of no return. It could be a sign that the marriage has reached a state of “terminality” and divorce is nigh. This is especially the case if at least one side of the marriage is in desperate need of sexual intimacy to fulfill his or her needs. Often, this individual will be prone to seeking to have his or her needs met outside of the relationship, or this person will become so dissatisfied with the relationship that it serves to completely unravel the original love ties upon which the relationship was built.

It doesn’t matter which side of this situation you happen to be on. If you’re on the side of the marriage that wants intimate contact with your partner, but you can’t seem to have it, you may want to consider divorce to be the only solution. Alternatively, if you’ve lost all attraction to engage in sexually intimate activity with your partner, you might want to consider whether your marriage is healthy or toxic for you and whether the union should continue.

If you’re on the fence with regard to your marriage – and considering the possibility of divorce – our law firm is available to provide information about your legal rights and options and what you can expect from this legal process.