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4 tips for dealing with a difficult spouse during divorce

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Firm News |

When you and your spouse walked down the aisle, you assumed you would be madly in love forever. As you know, though, sometimes marriages simply do not work. Whether you spent a few months or several decades with your spouse, navigating divorce proceedings can be a tremendously emotional endeavor. 

Keeping your cool can be difficult during a divorce. If your spouse becomes difficult, though, the dissolution of your marriage can be downright brutal. While you cannot control how your spouse acts, you can keep your actions in check. Here are four tips for dealing with a difficult spouse during your divorce. 

1. Think about your kids 

Your children are always your top priority. Still, divorces can be extraordinarily challenging for kids. If you give in to your spouse’s worst impulses, your children may react negatively. As such, rather than trying to beat your soon-to-be ex at the nasty game, focus your attention on being the best parent possible. 

2. Take the high road 

Divorce tends to bring out the worst characteristics in anyone. If you keep this fact in mind, you can commit to taking the high road. While arguing over some things probably makes sense, you can look for places to compromise. Remember, you are the one who must live with the person you see in the mirror. 

3. Wait a bit 

Anger and resentment can cause anyone to act irrationally. Fortunately, these emotions often quickly fade. Rather than responding to your spouse’s allegations immediately, take some time to cool down. If it helps, record your feelings in a private journal. Then, approach your spouse when your sanity has returned. 

4. Focus on the future 

Your divorce may consume all of your thoughts right now. Nevertheless, your divorce will not last forever. Eventually, your marriage and divorce will be far in your past. By taking a long view of your situation, you can better prepare for life after divorce. 

Virtually no one enjoys going through a divorce. If you have to deal with a difficult spouse, though, your divorce may be utterly miserable. Still, by employing a few methods, you can likely improve your dealings with your future ex-spouse.