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What are the most common reasons for elderly divorce?

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Elderly Divorce, Firm News |

As you pass retirement age and begin to think about the future, you may have questions about your marriage. Do you want to remain married to this person for the rest of your life? Is now the best time to consider a divorce?

Elderly divorce is more common than many people believe, and there are several reasons why this often comes to light:

  • Infidelity: As a person gets older, they may begin to realize that they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with their spouse of many years. This can lead to infidelity, which has long been one of the most common causes of divorce.
  • Different goals: Maybe you’re interested in traveling the world, while your spouse wants to stick around home and relax. If you’re unable to find a compromise, you could soon drift apart.
  • An empty nest: Once your children move out for good, it goes without saying that your home won’t be the same. It’s at this time that you’ll either grow closer together or further apart.
  • Too much time together: If both you and your spouse retire, you’ll spend more time together than ever before. While this sounds great, it can eventually lead to an increase in arguments and seeking time apart (maybe on a permanent basis).

If you’re in the latter stages of your life and considering divorce, there are a variety of details that deserve your attention. For example, you should focus on property division, such as how your Social Security and pension are impacted.

Understanding your legal rights and how to protect them will allow you to finalize your divorce as quickly as possible.