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Child custody and moving: Are you able to relocate?

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Firm News, Relocation |

With your divorce in the past, you may have an interest in relocating with your children. If you have physical custody of your children, you’re in a position to at least consider this idea.

Deciding to move is easier said than done, as you need to consider many factors:

  • The impact on you
  • The impact on your children (such as leaving their school and friends behind)
  • The impact on your ex-spouse

If you’re thinking about relocating, here are three questions to address:

  • How far are you moving? This matters for many reasons, including the ability for your ex to spend time with their children. The farther away you move the more difficult this becomes.
  • Are you taking your children with you? If you have primary custody, this is a question you need to answer. If you don’t think it’s best to move with your children, you should consider the idea of staying put or allowing the noncustodial parent to take over.
  • Can your ex fight back? In short, the answer is yes. Your ex can contest your move, arguing that it prohibits them from seeing their children. If you expect this to happen, formulate a solid strategy from the start.

Divorce and child custody disputes are messy enough. If you bring relocation into the fold after your divorce is finalized, it could result in additional animosity and tension between you and your ex.

If you’re interested in relocating with your children, learn more about the laws in your state and your legal rights. From there, follow the formal court process to give yourself the best chance of success.